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Welcome To TopTech IT Solutions.

TopTech is a leading internationally renowned technology player based in Alberta, Calgary,Canada. We offer complete wholesale IT Solutions in qualitative, reliable and prompt repair services.

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SALES An offshoot of TopTech IT Solutions has become a dominant leader in sales of computer parts and accessories. We, a group of enthusiasts, are committed to be the most sought after and loved website in Computer parts purchases. Our E-Commerce website is designed and tuned for those accustomed to superior shopping. We ensure rapid delivery and stellar customer service as compared to our competitors.  Read More

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Advancement in Technology day by day revolutionizes the laptop repairs. Emergent trends make laptop repairs a buzz in the minds of everyone. Our customers have been mostly concerned with Services like Mac Repairing, Laptop Repairing, Motherboard/Logic Board Repairing, Security Surveillance Systems, Network Solutions and Web/ Software Development. We have successfully addressed these concerns.  Read More

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Uniting the reality world with immediate repairs online has been ourmotto. Thus, we innovate and rethink of possible potential in the repair field to help your business prosper. Helping you with connectivity through the internet and technical queries, we foster generating positive and better results without fail. All repairs carried out through well qualified, skilled and talented CISCO Technicians at TOPTECH become rewarding.  Read More

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Ever wondered wthetyher a BIOS Chip can be replaced! Modern day motherboards have EEPROM BIOS Chips that can be reprogrammed by software. These arecommonly referred to as Flash ROM or flash PROM. On ce the BIOS Chip is categorized as a flasbale PROM, then we TopTech help you in the replacement of the Motherboard.Read More

PRAM or NVRAM is an acronym for parameter RAM. It holds all the associated information about the MAC PC at hand. NVRAM (Non Volatile Random Access Memory) serves the same purpose as PRAM.

The NVRAM has been reset, indicated by two audible beeps. One beep for the initial reboots, and again when the NVRAM has been reset.

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