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Frequently Asked Questions

Don't worry. This can be the first time you would be using the internet. As such, it's advisable to first check whether you have clicked the right icon. If so, try clicking on the Refresh button at the top left hand corner of the address bar.

If the machine is not connected it shows an exclamation point over the wireless connection icon. This indicates no web access. May be the web searching device is out or range. Try fixing it, the page may open. If this fails, check for the Wireless Connectivity Status (Wi-Fi Status). Some systems have an external switch to control the Wi-Fi connectivity. In order to get the internet, this must be in ON Position and the indicator lights should be on as well.
If no indicator light, the wireless hardware could be broken. Next, check for the Browser. Ensure that the Browser is not in Offline Mode. While, such things happen make sure your firewall isn't blocking all incoming connections.
Updating your Internet could also be the definite answer(s). If possible, try to find a Temporary Ethernet connection and proceed as instructed.
Open Network Connection and right click on the network you want to join and select Properties. Now choose the Advanced Tab and look for the Option of wireless card ad update it. When the updating process has been completed, then disconnect the Ethernet connection and try the Wi-Fi instead.
If a problem with the driver is found, then reinstall the Driver. To reinstall the driver, go to the Device Manager. Under the Action tab, click Scan for hardware changes. Your computer should install the driver and ready to connect.

Ever wondered wthetyher a BIOS Chip can be replaced! Modern day motherboards have EEPROM BIOS Chips that can be reprogrammed by software. These arecommonly referred to as Flash ROM or flash PROM. On ce the BIOS Chip is categorized as a flasbale PROM, then we TopTech help you in the replacement of the Motherboard. Meanwhile theBIOS chip is reprogrammed which is compatible with other versions of systems.
A few services that would help in BIOS Chip replacement:-

  • BIOS Programming Service
  • BIOS Recovery Center
  • BIOS World
  • Microfirmware
  • Recovery BIOS

Upgrading Memory in a MacPC or laptop requires enough RAM to consolidate the files in use. If at all your system runs slow or accoiunts for more space, then follow the procedures below to upgrade your memory:

  • Determine if the system RAM is upgradable or not. If you own a Mac Book Pro, thenthe memory is soldered to the motherboard/logicboard and so cannot be upgraded.
  • Next you need to check if the system has speed and findf out what type iof RAM Has been installed. Size of the RAM is variable depending on the load of softwares installed.
  • If yiou are uncertain aboutany memory size, it's recommended to follow the Apple's or TopTech's knowledge base documents to show the capacity of your system.
  • If in doubt either call us on our toll free number at the website of or refer the manual provided.

Mac computers rarely face such problems. Nevertheless, the machine is not human. Please follow the steps below to resolve the problem faced.

Reboot in Safe Mode
Booting of the Mac PC, seems to be easy. Hold the Shift Key and reboot the Mac. Next, when you see the Apple logo, release the shift key and notice for the progress bar.

Reset the NVRAM
Reboot the MAC PC and immediately hold down the Command + Option + P+ R key. You can hear a beep sound and that show the NVRAM has been reset. You must hit the combination before the Gray screen appears otherwise it won't work.

The NVRAM has been reset, indicated by two audible beeps. One beep for the initial reboots, and again when the NVRAM has been reset.

PRAM or NVRAM is an acronym for parameter RAM. It holds all the associated information about the MAC PC at hand. NVRAM (Non Volatile Random Access Memory) serves the same purpose as PRAM. The NVRAM accommodates the following:

  • Start-up disk
  • Disk Caches
  • RAM disks
  • Virtual memory
  • 32 Bit addressing
  • Video and display information.
  • Volume
  • Time Zone
  • Mouse and track-pad scaling and speed information.
  • Keyboard repeat rate.
  • Kernel Panic information
  • DVD region settings
  • Default system fonts.

Please note that shutting off the Mac system may not help. Hence, it's requested to reset the SMC. Follow the steps for SMC (System Management Controller) below:

  • Press the Command+ Option + Escape to force any application running.
  • Put your Mac computer to sleep from the Apple Menu.
  • Restart the Mac by choosing Restart from the Apple Menu.
  • Shut down the Mac PC from the Apple Menu.
  • If the Mac isn't responding, force the Mac to shut down all applications by holding the power button for 10 seconds. You will lose any unsaved data.

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