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Our experienced and certified technicians match all the criteria for providing superior, quality and unmatched expertise in the laptop repairservice. Our prices in the online market are competitive, yet affordable by the end user. The repair team consists of well qualified technicians with relevant knowledge in the hardware and software field. Before jumping to the detailed portion of Laptop Repairing,it's advisable to take care of the following: Be Sensible. If the laptop is covered under warranty, get it fixed before the warranty expires ; Any fiddling or tinkering with anything inside the laptop can be dangerous. Be careful while unplugging or in removing the battery of laptop ; Static electricity can and or could damage the chips inside. Hence, take special care ; If you don't know about repairs, just leave the burden to us ;

Steps to secure a Laptop from getting damaged:

  • Please ensure that all backups are taken before the laptop repair processbegins.
  • Use of plug-ins for easy retrieval and removal of portable devices only.
  • It's recommended to know about the service flaps of a laptop. Simply put, try to understand the different parts behind or at the rear end of the laptop.
  • Refer the Google as frequently as possible for definite or precise guidance.
  • Searchfor availability of spare parts.
  • Ensurecare and safety while fixing all spare parts.
  • Don't let you or your trust go down by performing the wrong procedures.

Some of the general issues faced by customers on their laptops are as listed below:

  • Laptop Set-up and Repair   Laptops start to run slower than usual. Gets excessively hot while charging.
  • Hard drive replacements  Hard Disk is the data center ofyourPC.Generally thehard disk differs inthree main ways—Size, Speed and Permanence(i.e.usually fixed in the PC and not removable.)

Depending on the availability of space and memory, there have been some problems categorized as-- BIOS Upgrades, Enhanced BIOS expa

BIOS Upgrades

Each and every hard disk presented to BIOS explains that the BIOS have cylinders, heads and sectors for storage. With the availability of storage in hard disk, alongwith standard BIOS routines, there arise two standards to allocate bits for storage:

Standard Bits For Cylinder Number Bits for Head Number Bits for Sector Number Total Bits for Geometry
IDE/ATA 16 4 8 28
BIOS Int 13h 10 8 6 24
Combination (Smaller of Each) 10 4 6 20

Laptop fan replacements

Limited storage space and less ventilation cause the heat to up quickly in a laptop. Hence, in these cases, we need to follow certain measures:

  • Follow the manual provided when and in doubt.
  • Turn off the laptop and unplug it.
  • Remove the battery, CD Drives and the hard drive. Turn the laptop face overand remove thescrews on the bottom that hold the keyboard in place.
  • Unplugthe laptop fan.
  • Apply the thin layer ofthermal compound on the CPU and then replace theheat sink and fan.
  • Plug the laptop and switch it on.

Laptop Screen Replacement

Laptop screen replacement could cost you twice than buying a new one. Do you think so? Perhaps not! The laptop screen replacement would require the user to follow certain techniques to avoid such crucial instances:

Remove the Screen bezel. All laptops if charged up, would need to be disconnected from the ongoing power supply. We need to examine the bezel around the screen for the gravity of the issue. In order to remove the bezel, you would need to remove the screws that hold the LCD Panel in place. Once the screws have been removed, a thin metal blade comes handy. 
With the help of the Blade, it's advisable to ensure that the rounded corners are pulled safely with a plastic spudger. The Bezel now simply snaps onto the lid to be strongly placed with a double sided tape. 
Anyhow the bezel needs to be removed. Next, remove the Broken LCD panel. With the help of LCD's mounting brackets, exposed, remove the screws next to the lid. Now place the laptops front side down on the case, remove/unplug the cable.
Install a new LCD Panel, once the new screen matches the panel in repairs. After all the sides fit accurately, connect the new panel to the cable, position the panel in the lid and secure the screws loosely pointing out. The LCD Panel is ready to be tested and reinstall the bezel.

Removal of Viruses, Adware and Malware

Viruses can be quite a threatening issue to your data and all your credentials. If the system is facing problems like running slower than usual,or getting a lot of pop-ups or other weird problems crop up, then your PC might be affected by a virus. 
Under such circumstances, please go through the safety tips listed below:

  • Enter Safe Mode. Before you need to move forward, you would have to disconnect all running connections.
  • Delete all temporary files.
  • Download malware scanners.
  • Run the Scanning purposes with malware scanners.
  • Fix your web browsers.
  • Recover the files if they are corrupt If in Windows.